Inspiration for a Whimsical Mountain Wedding

“You’ll love this bride,” Sarah (the wedding planner) told me. “She’s so fun to work with and she’s fallen in love with your retro gold typewriter!” I was immediately excited to meet Evie, who is planning an autumn wedding in the Colorado mountains, complete with gondola rides to the top of the peak where the ceremony will take place. When I asked Sarah about the theme she told me to visualize a whimsical mountain affair with white and touches of gold. She also mentioned that Evie had been drawn to my collection of brass candlesticks in various sizes and shapes.

Because I work from home as I explore future space possibilities, meeting clients means I set up inspiration vignettes on my long dining room table, the coffee table in the family room, the kitchen counter, and just about anywhere else that can accommodate my vintage inventory.


There are so many ways to interpret “mountain” and “whimsical”—from the rustic American West approach with lots of weathered wood and hints of cowboy, to focusing more on the breathtaking nature and wildlife of the Rockies. You can see in the photos that I pulled together an eclectic collection, hoping to give the bride lots of options to consider. I know that when I eventually get to see the photos of Evie’s wedding, I’ll be happily surprised at how she’ll use our inventory in her own unique and creative way, aligned with her very personal vision.

My favorite part of meeting clients where I live is the opportunity to make them feel “at home” and unhurried as they explore some of what our business can do. It wasn’t long before Sarah, Evie, and I were laughing and talking, using the floor to assemble mock table designs. We sipped some Perrier (it was 95 degrees that day) and snacked on my favorite dulche de leche cookies from the Peruvian bakery, taking bets on whether I could score a new typewriter ribbon on eBay for the 1970’s manual typewriter. Sarah was right—I instantly liked Evie and can’t wait to be a small part of her celebration.


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