Create A Boho Lounge on a Bootstrap Budget

Okay, so you haven’t traveled the world yet, gathering unique treasures from off-the-grid markets to bring home to your perfectly curated home. Or you decided it was probably a good idea to keep paying off your student loan rather than handing over your credit card for a vintage kilim rug. Well, don’t despair—because everything you need to create a fabulous backyard boho lounge is available (and affordable) at your local thrift store, estate sale, or vintage market.
In fact, everything pictured in our boho lounge was sourced from such places—and I mean everything: the rugs, furniture, pillows, vases, macramé wall hangings, and accessories.


The best news of all is that I spent a total of only $220.00—which is a little more than the cost of a single vintage wicker peacock chair from Ebay. The bad news, I suppose, is that it took about four months to find everything I wanted. The treasure hunting process can be very time consuming and requires the patience and focus of a chess master. If you hate delayed gratification or always read the end of the book to see what happens, this might not be the choice for you. But if you enjoy the gentle unfolding of a plan and the serendipity it creates, I have dozens of ideas to share about saving buckets of money and finding the beautiful things your heart desires. Over the coming months, I’ll share insider secrets on the blog and show you how to develop the “eagle’s eye” of a winning second-hand shopper. Soon you’ll be sipping a cold one with your feet propped up on a bentwood stool, surrounded by cushions and candles, and bohemian artifacts from all over the globe.


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