Coleen Hubbard - Owner/Founder



Here’s a little about me:

  • I’m a Denver native and long-time vegetarian
  • I’m a lover of everything vintage, so “treasure hunting” is one of my ultimate passions.
  • In other chapters of my life, I have published books, written plays, and made documentary films.

Where you’ll find me:

  • Walking my cute dog, Otis, with my cute husband.
  • Meeting my three daughters for coffee, movies, or a happy hour with good wine.
  • Curling up with a new novel and a bowl of Skinny Pop popcorn
  • Binging on any PBS television series featuring midwives, queens, British spies, or nurses on the frontlines of World War Two. 

Things I love about my business:

  • Meeting with clients and helping them choose unique pieces from our collections for their wedding or event
  • Collaborating with the many talented wedding and event professionals in metro Denver and the Rocky Mountains
  • Introducing clients to our natural light photo studio or giving them a tour of our unique and intimate venue space.


Natalie Bograd - Marketing Manager


Natalie Bograd holds an MA in Media Studies from the University of Texas at Austin. She specializing in social media marketing, working for the Downtown Austin Alliance (a non-profit focused on promoting and improving downtown Austin) as well as private clients.